Why Choose EV Power


EV Power is OEM's brand of electrical vehicle charging products developed by Paul O'Connor since 2016. Several new car distributors and over 70 used dealerships regularly purchase our EV Power equipment. All our EV Power brand products meet full New Zealand compliance standards and are additionally independently tested by TUV.

We warranty all our EV Power products for a minimum of two years and pride ourselves on our customer service and backup. With electricity, the emphasis should always be on safety and not the bare minimum. 


All suppliers and manufacturers of electrical products in New Zealand have to ensure those products are safe. OEM Audio meet all requirements under NZ law to supply Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and have available, upon request a Supplier Declaration of Conformity. Please see WorkSafe NZ for more information about who should be selling EVSE in New Zealand, and what EVSE can be sold. Unfortunately, unsafe EVSE is available in NZ. Usually, illegal products have been bought online either privately or by a wholesaler unaware of NZ regulations. The use of dangerous products can result in fire or electrical shock.

OEM cables and Wall Chargers feature all the technology to protect against shock and fire hazards. 

Temperature sensor at CEE plug

Detection and 'auto turn off' function

Over-current protection - Auto turn off

Overvoltage protection - Auto turn off

Auto charge recovery - Auto reset when supply interrupted, 3 min snooze then charging continues

Lightning protection

Electric leakage protection

Earth leakage protection

Short circuit protection

NZ compliant and tested

IP 65 rating on charging cables and IP 54 on leads

ALL components TUV certified

ALL components fully compliant with IEC 62752

Earth Leakage protection

SAE J1772 Standard and IEC 62196  for Type 2 products.

Insulated Terminal Design

Cable strain relief feature

Wall Chargers come with a 5-year warranty when fitted by a qualified registered electrician

Charger cables come with a 3-year warranty when used correctly as per Electrical (Safety) Regulations 2010 (ESR).

Full Supplier Declaration of Conformity ( SDoC) is available for EV Power products.

Please read your User Manual carefully. The information needs to be read and if you do not understand any point please call us. EV Charging products transfer significant amounts of electrical energy and therefore EV charging has a significant risk associated with it. We have seen cables damaged by improper use. 

Unwind your charging cable fully before use.

Do not charge your vehicle using a multi-board or extension lead.

Electrical products should be sheltered from rain, charging cables are no different and all care should be taken when storing to ensure that they are dry and up off the floor. EV Charging cables should not be left in standing water or exposed to water pressure. And it is common sense that users of EV Charging products should understand what the IP rating means and how the product should be used around water.

Engage a Registered Electrician to check the wiring of your home before charging any EV/PHEV. They will be able to advise you on using an RCD Type B, wiring in separate circuitry, and any potential overload.

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