What makes us different? Having a concise range of EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) safe and suitable for the New Zealand market. By ensuring that our products have IP65 rated components, crush-proof construction and a comprehensive suite of safety features we know that we are offering the best products to our customers.

There are both local and global safety standards which the consumer needs an awareness of. EV Power EVSE meet the required standard specified by the International Electrotechnical Commission, an international body for electrical Standards (IEC), NZ compliance standards as well as SAE (an organization for standards in aerospace and automotive industries). Our products display a CE mark (given to products sold outside the EEA that have been manufactured to EEA standards) and are TUV tested. If you buy from an overseas online shop it may not meet NZ safety standards which may put your home and vehicle at risk of fire or may give you a nasty electric shock. OEM Audio was recently involved with advising a consumer who had purchased an EV charging lead through a motor vehicle dealer. This cable was sourced from overseas and did not comply with NZ rules and regulations. The heat generated by this cable almost caused a bad house fire. Incorrect use of an inferior product puts you at risk. AT OEM Audio we include a full instruction manual, free advice and an SDoC is available.

We are there to help. The existing EV owner’s community have always been supported by Paul O’Connor. The first Prius was imported into NZ with Paul’s assistance in 2001. We welcome feedback about our product and aim to offer features demanded by the market. Please get in touch if you need advice when choosing a suitable wall charger to install during your next house build we can also accommodate large orders.

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