EO Mini Pro 2 Wall Charger Single Phase 32 Amp (White)

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EO Mini Pro 2 Wall Charger Single Phase 32 Amp (White)

The world's smallest smart home charger focuses on connectivity and reliability. Monitor energy usage and set charging schedules, the EO EV Mini Pro 2 Charger 32 Amp is a single-phase untethered wall charger in a compact size and ready for any EV. The EO Mini Pro 2 charging rate can be set up to 7.2kW - this must be manually set up by an EO Approved Installer during your installation, according to the power supply available at your home. Contact us for a list of approved EO electricians in your area.

Smartphone controlled - monitor energy usage and charge scheduling.

The smartphone app for the EO Mini Pro 2 is the 'EO Smart Home' app downloaded for free on the Apple App Store and on Google Play Store. Simply connect the EO Mini Pro 2 to your Wi-Fi and you can configure it to only charge during certain time periods and prevent others from using your charger when your car isn’t plugged in. Away on holiday? You can easily disable your EO Mini Pro 2 by tapping the padlock on the main screen of the 'EO Smart Home' app. 

Power Balancing (optional extra)

Home power balancing feature - avoid overloading your electrical supply. The EO EV Mini Pro 2 Charger can read the power available at the property to ensure supply is not overloaded when plugged in and charging your EV. Simply put, makes sure that when lots of appliances are on in the house that the wall charger will get what is left. So that the amount of power going to the wall charger may vary depending on when people are turning other appliances off. Requires the purchase of a CT Clamp to enable the feature.

Solar Matching Functionality (optional extra)

Want to charge your car using green energy? The EO Mini Pro 2 connects to your solar panels using innovative solar matching functionality. The EO Mini Pro 2 reads the power being generated by your solar panels and sets its charging rate to match the output of the solar array. You can set this charging window during the day to top up your vehicle from the sun. 


All EO Charging products must be installed by an EO Approved Installer, this is to ensure that the product is installed correctly and that you've got access to a reliable and easy to use charger.

If you do not use an EO Approved Installer then the smart features of your charger will remain locked and the warranty will be invalid. We are also unable to provide support through the installation process for a charger where non-EO Approved Installers are used. OEM Audio Ltd is happy to recommend an EO Approved Installer, a qualified electrician in your area who has completed the necessary training directly with EO.

Power ratings: up to 7.2kW
Universal socket or Tethered (Type 1 or 2)
32 Amp
3-year product warranty
Power (KW): 3.6kW (15 miles of driving per hour of charge) OR 7kW (25 miles of driving per hour of charge)
Compact size: 175mm (H) x 125m (W) x 125mm (D) | 1.3kg
Plug Types: Universal socket, Type 1 or Type 2 Tethered (Model Dependent)


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