OEM Audio Ltd is 100% NZ owned  |  Selling direct to the public and wholesaling throughout Australasia


Paul and Sonya O'Connor's business is OEM Audio Ltd, and since 2016 OEM Audio Ltd has been supplying EV Power Electric Vehicle charging products to customers all over the South Pacific.

EV Power® is OEM Audio's own brand of electrical vehicle charging products developed by Paul O'Connor in 2016. Since then we have been at the forefront of providing reliable EV charging equipment, having sold over 40,000 units across the country. With a team of dedicated professionals and a commercial premises where customers can visit us, we are a reputable and established business.

Paul's passion for EVs started earlier. As the proprietor of 'Paul's Cars,' Paul O'Connor bought the first Toyota Prius to New Zealand. Paul's unwavering enthusiasm for electric vehicles (EVs) and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) inspired OEM Audio to craft a widely embraced collection of secure and top-quality EV charging solutions. OEM Audio has been catering to customers across the South Pacific, delivering an extensive range of Electric Vehicle charging products.

EV Power® products originate from highly reputable Chinese manufacturers located in the provinces of Nanjing, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu. Paul's involvement ensures that the design and construction of these products align with his stringent standards, guaranteeing durability, safety, and widespread appeal for any item bearing the EV Power brand. OEM Audio undertakes the importation and distribution of EV Power® to over 100 New Zealand dealerships, electricians, and construction firms, while also offering direct sales to the general public.

Every EV Power® product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure full compliance with New Zealand standards, followed by additional testing within the country. Additionally, OEM Audio uses an EVSE test facility that adheres to the IEC standard. This unique test equipment sets us apart and underscores our ongoing commitment to delivering top-quality products within the EV industry.

OEM Audio Ltd prioritizes research and development as a means to expand its business. The company places a strong emphasis on innovation and providing customers with excellent value for their money. By actively engaging with the EV community and incorporating their valuable feedback, OEM Audio ensures that product development aligns with the desires and needs of both retail and wholesale customers. By attentively listening to the market, Paul and his team can tailor their cables and wall chargers to cater specifically to the requirements of the New Zealand market.

What sets us apart is our trusted partnerships with some of the biggest names in New Zealand, including Toyota, Downer Group, GVI, EV City, DriveEV, Coventry Cars, LDV, Suzuki, Meridian, and KIA. These collaborations reflect the confidence these industry leaders have in our expertise and reliability. We take pride in being a trusted entity in the EV industry. Our commitment extends beyond short-term gains or fleeting trends. We are deeply rooted in this industry and determined to contribute to its growth and success.

We warranty all our EV Power products for a minimum of two years and pride ourselves on our customer service and backup. With electricity, the emphasis should always be on safety and not the bare minimum. All our EV Power brand products meet full New Zealand compliance standards.

When looking for a legitimate reputable business, established in NZ before the ev-rebate scheme was launched, selling WorkSafe compliant products consider OEM Audio, Paul O'Connor and his team are now at 18 Iversen Terrace, Waltham, Christchurch. Just park on the drive and visit the team at reception.


In 2018 at EV World OEM were award winners - proud to achieve Runner Up in the Small Medium Business Category for Businesses in the New Zealand EV industry. This reflects the efforts made to produce quality products for the EV industry in New Zealand. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements. 


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