BCP Solar DLB Smart Wall Charger Package (1P)

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BCP Solar DLB Smart Wall Charger Package (1P)

Includes 1 x BCP Smart Wall Charger with Dynamic Load Balancing and 1 x Solar DLB Box. A BCP Smart wall charger can access power available from Solar cells when wired up with a Solar DLB box. You can choose how much power you would like to use from the grid and how much comes from the Solar cells (see 'Modes' info below).

Designed for home use, the BCP Smart Wall Charger features a Type 2 connector and is compatible with all EVs/PHEVs. RFID card access allows the user to secure access to the charger. (Charging lead not included).

Adjustable output from 6 Amp - 32 Amp, the BCP Wall Charger can be either wall-mounted or pile mounted. 

Dynamic Load Balancing is technology which will maintain the dynamic balance of the total household current and ensure the safety of electricity to avoid home overload. Simply set the Max Current Value in the Z-Box app on your smartphone and the charger will automatically adjust the current to the car. The total household current will not be overloaded due to charging. For example if you set your car to charge at 32 Amp but your household appliances are using 45 Amp, then your car will only charge at 15 Amp (given 63 Amp is the usual supply by your power provider). 

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) card holders only can access the charger. Simply swipe your card along the BCP Wall Charger RFID reader.


BCP Wall Charger: 7kg ~ 380mm H x 169mm W x 201/159 mm D

Solar DLB Box: 700g ~ 6.5 cm x 8 cm x 3.5 cm 


  • Built-in over-voltage and under-voltage protection(U>264V or U<187V).
  • Over-current protection, over temperature protection, imperfect earth detection.
  • CP abnormal signal protection and type A + DC 6mA for Europe standard.
  • Operating temperature range: -25 ℃ ~ +55 ℃.
  • IP65 (socket IP55) protection rate - provide shelter recommended.
  • Operating humidity range 0-95% for indoor and outdoor.
  • Temperature sensor built-in for fire protection.
  • Leakage test function (to ensure the normal operation of leakage protection).
  • Automatic reset after troubleshooting. That means when a charger stops working when an anomaly is detected, the charger will periodically self-check whether the anomaly is eliminated. The charger will start to work automatically afterwards to ensure the anomaly has been eliminated.
  • The ramp-down stop current charging mode protects the EV batteries.
  • Rated charging current can be set according to different home load conditions.
  • Lightning protection to ensure personal safety.
  • Standard: EN IEC 61851-1:2019 IEC 61851-1:2017
  • Certificate: CE/CB/UKCA/SAA
  • 5 year warranty.

*** Connecting multiple leads (end to end) together in order to extend the reach is dangerous.

Always ask a qualified electrician to check the wiring of your home before charging any EV/PHEV using your domestic circuits.

Z-Box App for real-time data interface - view charging data, set charging current, voltage and max charging power.

  • Choose correct DLB mode for solar (optional)
  • Set weekly charging reservation
  • Z-Box App for real-time data interface - view charging data, set charging current, voltage and max charging power.
  • Connect via bluetooth or wifi
  • Set charging timer
  • Choose correct DLB mode for solar (optional)
  • Set weekly charging reservation

Three DLB modes for solar PV

1. The EV charger in the Pure PV (photovoltaic)/Solar mode will control its own charging current as much as possible, so that the actual input value of the grid current is as close as possible to 0A.

2. Hybrid Mode: The EV Charger will control its own charging current as much as possible in the range of DLB setting value. Some will be grid power and some will be solar - depending on the setting you choose.
Using the Z-Box App on your smartphone edit "Max Grid Current" input value to 10A. If the actual current value from grid to household power is 5A (<=10A), and the PV power generation current is 20A, then the total current of household power is 25A (5A+20A).

3. Full speed mode: The Solar DLB box will no longer limit the charging current of the EV charger, and the wall charger will use the maximum current supported for charging.


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