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Classic Plus EV Cable Outdoor Enclosure

Protect your portable Classic Plus EV Charging cable from getting wet with the Classic Plus EV Cable Outdoor Enclosure.

Sheltering warm electronics with IP ratings from the elements is always a good idea. Read more about Water Resistant IP Ratings and what this means for you.

This durable green box has a hinge, o-rings and offers the charging box breathing room and protection from consistent rain. Mount on a wall or leave on the ground. The Cables of our EV Power Classic Plus cable exit the box through holes protected by sheets of rubber helping to protect the device from harsh NZ conditions.

EV Power Portable charging cables meet IP 65 as set out by EC 60529:1989+AMD1:1999+AMD2:2013. During charging the charging device heats up, and this process combined with consistent rain can exceed the protection rating offered by IP65 (the Ingress Protection rating assigned to cold electronic devices in a testing lab). When protected by an IP54 Enclosure you get peace of mind when your EV is plugged in and charging overnight.

Please note: Will not fit the Premium Charging Cable


- Wall Mountable
- Lockable
- Water resistant IP Rating: IP54
- Suitable Cable: 6.9mm - 10.5mm diameter
- Dimensions 330 W x 125 H x 210 D
- 915g
- Internal cavity 295 W x 180 L x 100 D mm


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