Solar EV Charging

Our BCP Smart Wall Charger with Solar DLB can be customised to charge 100% from your solar panels, or only from the grid, or a mixture of both. This wall charger is best operated using a an easy-to-use app on your smartphone. You'll also be greatful for the charger's Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) technology. It has the ability to balance the EV charge session with household appliances powered on at the same time. 

The EO Mini Pro 2 Wall Charger can connect to your solar panels. The EO Mini Pro 2 Solar Package is available in white or silver and includes a CT Clamp. This additional device is for the output of the solar array. 

1. Your vehicle will charge at the same rate as the output of the solar array

2. If the solar output drops below the minimum rate then the EV will charge at the minimum rate. The recommended minimum rate is 6A.


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