EV Power Type 2 To Type 2 Lead, 22kW/32 Amp, 1P/3P (Apricot GS)

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EV Power Type 2 To Type 2 Lead, 22kW/32 Amp, 1P/3P (Apricot GS)

This 32 Amp/22kW lead will work with single-phase or three-phase supply with Type 2 vehicles that are ex-Uk or NZ new. Popular Type 2 EVs and plug-in hybrids include Audi e-tron, Hyundai Kona, Porsche Panamera, Skoda Enyaq, Volvo XC40 as well vehicles that can be ex-Uk or NZ new, for example, BMW X5, Mercedes EQA, Mini Electric, MC ZS, Nissan Leaf. If unsure please check the photo of Type 2 charging port before ordering. If you are not sure about the Type of charging port in your EV/plug-in hybrid we are happy to take your call or see you without an appointment.

This EV Power 32 Amp EV lead has a total length of 5m (including handles) and is suitable for vehicles and public chargers. Always read the owner's manual included with every lead we sell, and ensure you are charging your vehicle safely. EV Power leads meet WorkSafe regulations, OEM Audio can also supply a SoDC upon request. Get peace of mind with an EV Power device that features many safety features. TUV tested - TUV is the world's premier testing authority. 

Please ensure that you provide this product shelter from the rain and do not allow it to sit in standing water.


Total length 5m + handle

Colour: Orange/white handle | black cable
Type 2 to Type 2 
Rated current: 32A
Working voltage: 400V AC

Protection class IP54
Warranty 2 years

Meets IEC 62196-2 (Mennekes, Type 2) EU European standard
Insulation resistance: > 1000M O
Terminal temperature rise: <50K
With-stand voltage: 2000V
Contact impedance: 0.5m O Max


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