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If you already own an electric vehicle, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of never having to visit a petrol station. But where do you charge your EV? Is your community rich in public EV charging spots, do you charge at work or at home? Having an EV charger at home is convenient. You can charge anytime you want and you’ll never have to worry about waiting in line if public chargers are occupied.

If you are shopping for a car charger you’ve probably realised that a standard wall outlet isn’t always the best option. High use of a domestic plug by an electric-thirsty vehicle can lead to wear and tear on your wiring.

The EO Mini Charger Wall Charger and EO Mini Wall Charger Pro 2 are the latest products to join the range of EV charging equipment at OEM Audio. These wall chargers’ measure 175 mm high x 125 mm wide x 95 mm deep, so if you are looking for a compact stylish charger the EO Chargers will suit you. If you have two EV’s at your home and need a pair of chargers you will find these compact wall chargers will more than likely fit on your garage wall. Both can be connected up to the same domestic circuit thanks to load management technology. To learn more click here.

Each charger is house in a tough weather-proof box. Both chargers have a charging current of 6A to 32A (variable) which equals up to 7.2 kW.

And each offers the driver a range of options.

The EO Mini Pro 2 Charger is a ‘smart-charger’. It connects to your phone via the EO Smart Home app allowing you to see charging data. You can program a start time and you can also control the length of charging time, essentially giving you the power to ‘lock’ the charger to prevent it from charging after a certain period of time. The EO Mini Pro 2 comes with built-in Active Load Management (ALM) feature. The ALM technology will detect changes in the power supply. The built-in smart power management will automatically balance charging for the most efficient energy distribution. To enable this feature, you’ll need an additional CT Clamp. If you are running the spa pool, have AI gaming going and all the TVs on then power management takes the worry away.

Users of solar power will be pleased to know that the EO Mini Pro 2 can charge your EV using solar power. An additional CT Clamp is required to monitor incoming power from the solar panels to the wall charger.

Manufactured in England the EO Mini Charger is essentially a ‘dumb’ charger. There’s no wireless capability so there isn’t an app to set up. Perfect for people who like a to keep things simple – just plug it in and no messing about. To add Active Load Management, purchase a separate ALM device and have it wired in by an EO-Approved Electrician. this device allows multiple EV charging stations to be installed at a site. The EO ALM unit can connect up to 6 x EO Mini’s and regulate the power on the chargers to ensure the power never exceeds the home's supply limit

One of the biggest benefits to this charger is that it comes with an international industry-leading 3 year warranty when professionally installed by an EO-Approved electrician. We know there are re-sellers out there saying that EO can be installed after watching a You Tube video but this will void your warranty with EO, just ask EO. And you've got to ask yourself is it worth the risk to your car or property? OEM Audio Ltd have taken the time to get a group of electricians trained, we don't cut corners.

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