DYNAMIC LOAD BALANCING (DLB) – manage power consumption

I believe that the new thing for people wanting to charge their EV’s at home is Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB). Which means that you plug your car in to a wall charger with DLB and it’s got a sensor on there that says that my car is important, but it’s the least important thing in the house at 6 p.m to be charging. So, if the default is 32 Amp supply to your EV, or if you set max power to 32 amps (availabel in some wall chargers) the wall charger will try and charge at 32 amps and so because there isn’t 32 amps available, so it’ll take whatever is left over.

For example, you’ll come home, partners got the oven on, there’s a spa pool going, the air conditioner is on…very quickly the power consumption of your household appliances can go above that 63 amps available to your house from the grid.

But say after dinner when the oven is turned off, the EV Charger can access more power so the rate of charging ramps up a bit. And when everyone goes to bed and the spa and computers are turned off even more power is available to the EV.

We’ve got a new model of EV Power wall charger here that has built-in DLB. We’ve been looking at the BCP Wall Charger quite hard for a wee while. We’ve just done all the testing, signed off all the stock to make sure it’s all compliant for New Zealand (which is obviously the main thing). We’ve got the Smart version priced at $1100 and if you want the EV Charger to access power from your solar panels, you’ll need a Solar DLB box for an extra $100 incl GST. Not everyone is bothered with a smart version though so we are also doing a dumb BCP Wall Charger which doesn’t communicate with an app but still does the DLB – just plug in and walk off to eat your dinner.

In summary:

Balance: DLB allows you to use your available power wherever you need it, for regular consumption during the day and for charging during the night

Optimisation: The charge of the EV by automatically adapts to the maximum available power of the installation.

Speed: DLB technology allows the EV/PHEV to charge as fast as possible

Safety: DLB technology protects the main fuse and ensures that your household appliances can access the electricity when needed. You won’t need to worry about safety or overloading your circuit board.

Economy: There is no need to invest in increased power supply for your home

Please remember: The amount of power you get for charging depends on a few factors. The wall charger, charging lead and EV all limit the quantity of Amps available.

Need Solar DLB? Our BCP Wall Charger with Solar DLB can be set to only charge from your solar panels, only from the grid or a bit of both.

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