CHOOSING THE RIGHT WALL CHARGER | PART II - Do You Need A Tethered Wall Charger?

There was a discussion in the OEM Audio office about how popular the tethered wall chargers (with a Type 2 handle) would be. There was 'people will love the convenience' Vs. 'people will want to have a cable they can use anywhere'. We had sold out in 15 days.

Tethered wall chargers suit people who...

Don't want to go looking for the cable, then unwind the cable, charge the Type 2 (ex-UK/NZ new) car, unplug the cable from both ends and put the cable away.

Imagine yourself parking and unhooking your cable for your charging session. When finished unplug the car and hang the cable back up. If this idea brings you joy then a tethered wall charger is for you!

Let's look at:


  • Looks neat and tidy on your driveway.
  • Purchase different cables as required to suit your family's/flatmates vehicles.
  • Don’t lose your cable and always store it carefully.
  • You've got a lead you can use at any untethered public or domestic charger with a type 2 fitting.

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