EV POWER - Proud to announce we are Trademarked


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EV Power has built up an enviable reputation. As NZ's leading seller of portable EV charging cables, we find that our innovation, marketing and ideas get copied. By having a trademark our customers will be better able to recognise a quality EV Power product.


EV Power products were made available to leading NZ car dealers and EV drivers in 2016. Back then the EV industry was embryonic in New Zealand. However, it wouldn't be long before the revolution gained pace, and the general New Zealand driver began ordering an EV/PHEV. Here we are in 2023 and with the increase in electric vehicle imports, we have seen an increase in businesses catering to the needs of EV/PHEV drivers. We have also seen EV Charging products not suitable for use in NZ. You probably won't be surprised to learn that some cables designed for use overseas have been altered and given a test and tag by a registered electrician. Unsafe practices such as these are more frequent. There was also a dealer who, in being unaware of their legal responsibilities, sold an EV with a portable charging cable purchased on Ali Express. This cable, the owner told us, almost burnt down his garage.


Safety and trust are core values at OEM Audio Ltd. We also believe that NZers should have access to a quality EV charging product at an affordable price.EVSE is quickly becoming a commodity, and we will see EV charging products becoming an 'everyday' product. As competition pushes prices down it is more challenging for customers to determine a quality product. We’ve worked hard to establish the EV Power brand and to ensure EV Power stood out from the competition. The EV Power trademark registration assists car dealers, electricians and private buyers to recognise quality. It’s another step towards building the OEM Audio Ltd company and increasing repeat business.

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