CARE WITH 16 AMP CABLES - plug them in the whole way

EV charging cables transfer a significant amount of electrical energy and therefore EV charging has a significant risk associated with it. You may have heard this one before, but all of the staff at OEM Audio are committed to putting information out there to help keep people safe. For example:- 

  • Each of the product descriptions outlines a detailed description of the product to help people buy the correct product.
  • Each hard copy of the Owners User Manual accompanying every EV Power portable charging product has in the footer "Please do not use an extension cord or multibox with this device"

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This week, it seems, we have had more calls than ever from customers who have fried their 16 Amp charging cables. Every single one is due to incorrect use.

If the chunky 16 Amp plug of the portable charging cable is not pushed all the way in to the 16 Amp socket, it will cause undesired electrical arcing and, of course, the car will not charge.

Want to see what we mean? Head over to YouTube and watch a demo video. Paul shows you exactly what we mean. Demo: EV Power Premium 16 Amp for Type 1 EV/PHEV

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